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SAS Waka

We are very fortunate in Te Aroha to have some unique geographical features: The rich farmland of the Hauraki Plains, The Waihou River, the Mokena Geyser, and the most obvious; Mount Te Aroha. All four of these things are particular to our area, and in Te Reo Maori, would be the geographic points you would use to identify where you are from.

Ko Te Aroha te Maunga (Te Aroha is the Mountain)

Ko Waihou te Awa (Waihou is the River)

Ko Hauraki te whenua (Hauraki is the land)

Ko Mōkena te ngawha (Mokena is the Geyser)

These names aren’t just present in our sporting events but form part of our Stanley Ave mihi and Stanley Ave whakatauki(proverb). This can be shown in the Stanley Avenue Logo.

Te Aroha
(formerly ‘aroha’)

Te Aroha is the mountain that stands as sentinel cloaked with Tānemahuta (realm of forests and birds), and represents knowledge, strength and ecology.

(formerly ‘Wairongomai’)

Waihou encompasses the Waterways and Fish, the realm of Tangaroa (realm of oceans), and represents abundance, vitality, generosity, healing, sustenance and life cycles.

(formerly ‘kaimai’)

Hauraki represents Industry and Agriculture and includes the realm of Rongo-mā-Tāne (realm of peace and cultivation) and is nourished by the Waihou.

(formerly ‘tuhi’)

The geyser moves up through the mountain from the depths of Papatūānuku and Rūaumoko (realm of earthquakes). Mōkena represents the Domain and history of the people that established Te Aroha, healing, health, movement, upward and forward thinking.